Upsize NO! :

The town board passed a resolution to put on this November's ballot a referendum to UPSIZE the board from 2 to 4! This was not a citizen motivated action, rather it was enacted upon by two board members-Mary Hosler and Jeanne Macko. These two politicans are requesting this-not us, the Evans voters. To add two more members to the board would cost the taxpayers approx. $85,000 annually or almost a 1% tax increase. [Or a million dollars over ten years!]

Did they not here us in 2009 when we voted overwhelming by a 2:1 vote to downsize?!?

We encourage voters to vote NO  for this resolution in November!

Where's the Transparency???

We have concluded that the Evans town board...

Knew of this “no fraud” issue earlier than November 6, 2016 but did not make it public for three months [February 2017.] Throughout ALL of  2016, the Town Board conducted itself as if  there was fraud & lack of record keeping for 2015, the last year of the previous Supervisor.

To view the Town of Evans board's letter ...

First:        Go to the Town of website.  

Second:   Click on Document Center.

Third:       Click on Audit.

Forth:       Click on “ 2015 Basic-Financial Statements, Required Supplementary Information &  Supplementary Information for the year ended & Independent Auditor's Report”  

Fifth:         Scroll down the report till you find the Town Board Letter dated 11/3/16.   Please read  the letter. You will find  the contrary info on the second page of the letter  lines 15, 16 & 17.  These lines state that there was “no fraud , no non-compliance in 2015”. So why the lies Supervisor Hosler?