Upsize NO!

Vote NO in November!

Please vote No to the referendum to change the size of the board from 2 to 4!

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We the voters made this decision to downsize in 2009. It is against the citizens' will to upsize the board while we are in a financial crisis! To add two more members will cost taxpayers a million dollars over the next decade-Please vote no in Nov!

Town of Evans Board Meetings

Evans Taxpayers United Evans New York 14047 is our new You Tube channel to view meetings.


Started in January 2017, Evans Taxpayers United records most of the Town of Evans. Our new channel is...                     

      "Evans Taxpayers United Evans New York 14047"

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Recording of Board meetings on YouTube

ETU is committed to record and publish the Evans board meetings. 

If you can not attend - Visit 

"Evans Taxpayers United Evans New York 14047"

 to view the town board meetings.

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New York State Model Solar Energy Law

Vote NO to the Upsize this election on November 7, 2017.

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NYS Comptroller's Report


"A state audit showed that $2 million of that money was used to cover operating expenses, mostly for the town's troubled water operations. Ever since then, the town has relied increasingly on revenue and tax anticipation notes to make ends meet."   [BN] 12.1.16

FACT SHEET UNDERSTANDING NEW YORK STATE’S REAL PROPERTY TAX LAW § 487 This fact sheet outlines important points for local governments that are considering opting out of RPTL § 487.

Dates of Town of Evans Board Mtgs & Work Sessions:

The Evans Town Board will hold its regular meetings @ 7pm on the following dates in 2017:

Jan.11 & 18     Feb.1 & 15 

Mar. 1 & 15      Apr. 5 &19  

May 3 & 17     June 7 & 21     July 19    

August 2 & 16      Sept. 6 & 20 

Oct. 4 & 18      Nov. 1 & 15 

Dec. 6 & 20 

Each regular Town Board meeting will be preceded by an Agenda Meeting to be held at 6:00pm.

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Town of Evans Board Members

Contact Information:

Town Supervisor [D]: Mary Hosler  

Tel. 716 549-5787

Councilwoman [R]: Jeanne Macko

(716) 217-3500 x 331

Jeanne Macko

Councilman [D]: Dennis M. Feldmann

(716) 549-0972 x315

Dennis M. Feldmann

New York State Model Solar Energy Law

This Model Solar Energy Law (Model Law) is designed to assist communities in New York State adopt zoning provisions that promote solar energy systems while protecting community character and the environment. The Model Law is intended as a straightforward approach and leaves more complicated, site-specific issues to be handled through existing land use processes :